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May. 3rd, 2008


zomg people have returned to lj

Yay for the rebirth of our LJ group XDDDD

On that note, I have nothing to say. nothing.

Band tryouts on Wed. I'm bringing it hard, yo'.

Started wathching Lil' Bush this evening. I thought I would hate it. It was fairly amusing. Tee hee...

Tried out Branham for shareboarding this summer. He's ginormus and an absolutly beautiful horse. Loved his jumping, loved his flat riding. Can't wait to intruduce him to y'all.

My thoughts are everywhere this evening. Can you tell?

Apr. 16th, 2008


Stevenson has officially screwed any and all of my hopes of getting into a good collage

as the title says. Stevenson has, once again, royally fucked up my life.

Went to talk with a private tutor today for math (which I'm fairly close to not passing) and realized just how much shit I'm actually in.

I knew I didn't have enough credits to take Geo Acc, but my parents told me to take it anyhow. Last year, I only had 1/2 a year of AAA, before dropping down to Alg I. According to this lady, "Not only do I have major holes in my understanding of math because of this, but I will need to take Algebra II again next year just to be able to even comprehend what I'm learning this year. And because I'm getting Bs and not As in all my other classes, I should NOT take them acc. and should focus more on getting my GPA (currently a 3.0) back up."

My schedual BEFORE we realized stevenson fucked up:
-Pre Calc Acc
-Advanced Photo
-AP english
-AP US history
-Chinese 3x
-Honor Band (maybe)
-Public speaking

My schedual AFTER we realized stevenson fucked up:
-Algebra II
-english acc (I might be able to convince her otherwise)
-US history
-Honor Band (maybe)
-Enviornmental Science

GOD! I don't know wheather to cry or be angry. Probably both.

Apr. 13th, 2008



So! The weekend is over, and what a weekend it was.

Friday night, in preperation for my brother's Bar Mitzvah, we went out to dinner with all the Canadian/Californian/Texas cousins, which was nice, becuase I got to see them, but after food and shul, they all came back to our house and stayed until around 11.

Saturday was, of course, the Bar Mitzvah, and I'm really proud of my brother. Who knew the kid could sing as well as he did!? He always practiced in the closet so I couldn't hear him. I was very impressed. The party afterwards was lots of fun; the highlight of the evening was seeing Greg Sergay (we had invited their family since our families seem to be really close) do this one line-dance sort of thing called "The Mississippi Slide," which was like a hill-billy cha-cha slide. Hystarical! We didn't get home 'till about midnight (urg!)

And then this morning we had all the Canadian/Californian/Texas cousins over for brunch, which lasted until about *checks watch* five-ish.

I'm pooped XO

Mar. 26th, 2008


Hurting Hands

Dear god I need a life out side of cooking XP
List of things I've made since Spring Break started:
-Failed pate a chox
-mint chocolate pudding
-correct pate a chox
-creme-de-banan pastery cream
-cream puffs
-pastery puff dough (which hurts your hands like nothing else! Can you say 'one hour of kneeding?)
-mint chocolate cupcakes

Today I'm applying for a summer job at Deerfield's Bakery XD wish me luck! (If I get the job, It'll be dishes and probably cashier work, but one can hope :D)

Also got a hair-cut XD ended up changing my style after all, but I think it looks good ^^'

Last but not least, found this XD TOTALLY the wrong season for it, but it made me laugh so hard, so....

Mar. 15th, 2008


Just a notice...

Couple of notices, actually:

1. If you live in Buffalo Grove, DO NOT drink tap water. The water was contaminated yesterday after some dumbass pooped in the sewage system. So...

2. My computer is being taken in for general maitenence/upgrading to Window's Vista, so I won't be on for a bit (1-2 weeks)

That is all

Mar. 8th, 2008



do do do do do
la la la
do do do do do
la la la
Want to, want to want to play

Haha~sorry, I've got Australia stuck in my head XD


I got a collage letter....FROM CULINARY INSTITUE OF AMERICA IN NEW YORK! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! This is a school I was really wanting to look at, too :D YAY!

Yeah, that's it >_> I don't really have anything else going on here, just thought I'd share that with y'all.

Mar. 3rd, 2008


Current Events


Went shopping with Mother today to look for something nice to wear to Mark's Bar Mitzvah. After about an hour in XXI forever, we found a really nice sleevless grey dress and a really REALLY pretty purple silk shirt to wear over it. I'll have to get the dress shortened, but I'm really happy with the outfit overall. I'll wear that day-of. For Shul the night before, Mother and I got smiliar but not matching dresses from White House|Black Market. Mother's is kind of a low-top that flairs out at the bottom, and she wears it with a plain white cammie and a thick black-and-white belt. Mine is much more form-fitting and doen't flair at the bottom, but kind of resembles a greek-style robe. Very stylish. I also got my first pair of really high heels, which are NOT as umcomfortable as I had expected and I really enjoy tottering around in them. I'll post piccys of this stuff later.

My brother is having his Bar Mitzvah next month. He's going to be freaking 13. I'm going to be 16 in August. Dear lord, I feel OLD!

Other Exciting Things:

I played 3 events; flute solo, piccolo solo, and flute duet. I got a Division II on the Pic solo, and a Division I on Flute. I didn't really want to stay the extra hour to find out what I scored on the Duet, so I dunno 'bout that one...I was mildly upset about getting a II on the Pic, but after looking over what everyone else had gotten, I didn't feel AS bad. TONS of people got IIs, including Alex Slepack (le gasp!) and about half of Honor Band. And I got really nervous for that piece and didn't play well, and didn't deserve a I. But all-in-all, I'm pretty pleased with how I did, considering how freakin' RIGID judging was this year. Man........so many IIs........

Well, not really. Basically, I had been hanging out at Shayna's (David, Katie, Andrew, Shayna, Kirstyn, and myself) and Andrew offered to drive me home. We turned onto the one-way part of Schafer, and narrowly avoided sliding into a pole. We instead landed in a ditch on top of a rock. Stuck. Apparently, Andrew's van is so old, it doesn't have 4-wheel-drive, or for the matter, proper brakes. But no one was hurt and the van didn't get broken. It did, however, get really, REALLY stuck on that rock, and so he had to call a Tow Truck, which ended up showing up at about 12:30 at night (the accident happened at about 10:15) I waited with him until his Mom showed up. Geez...scary stuff O_O

Also randomly read today that the Guy who writes Megatokyo (which I decided to start re-reading for lack of other interesting things to do) had a baby <3 congrats XD

Eh, that's all, I think.

Feb. 29th, 2008


*beep*Hard Disk Destroyed*beep*

So! As you may or may not know, my Harvest Moon for GBA that took me weeks to find, save up for and wait in the mail for has stopped saving progress. Frusturated and not yet ready to toss it, I asked a bunch of people at school how to repair GBA games. "Just change the battery" they said, "and it'll all be ok."

So! I opened up the game only to realize I have no idea which one the battery is. Not to mention that after opening up two MORE GBA games to see what the inside looked like that I realized my HM game had some big melt-down in the middle.

So! I was wondering if any of you know any place I can ship/send my game to be repaired. That would make me really happy. Because I've given up all hope of trying to repair the game myself.

Feb. 18th, 2008



XDDDDD So watching MTV this morning, I saw an ad....
...you all remember Dominico, the crazy Italian guy from ASALwTila Tiquila, right?


*much laughter*
The show itself looks HORRIBLE, but I mean, it's Dominico, so yay!

Feb. 2nd, 2008


CUPCAKES return pt 1

So! After making 40-some cupcakes and 3 out of 8 toppings, I decided...that I was tired. So I'm going to finish making the toppings tomorrow ;D Anyway, for the three I did, here's what happened!

Elysian Custard
I was hoping for more of a thick, rich sort of thing (like a cream, I guess) but no matter how long the thing cooled, it was still pretty watery. Anyway, if you don't know, Elysian Custard is essentially milk, cream, honey, egg yolks and sugar. You heat the milk, cream and honey, taper it into the yolk and sugar mix, and heat it all back up again. As far as presentaion, it was gloppy and hard to work with. As far as taste, it was too sweet! You could really taste the honey! too much! blech!

This gets a rating of 4 out of 10

Strengthened Whipping Cream

From the begining, I knew this would be something to use for fillings and garnises rather than covering a cake. Anyway, this recipie is pretty much just whipping cream with powdered sugar rather than granulated sugar and geletin. It tastes and acts like regular whipped cream, but is firmer and holds more. As far as presentation, it looked good and held up. As far as taste, it tasted like regluar whipped cream and wasn't sastysfying to use as something to coat a cake. I will, however, probably use this for fillings in the future.

This gets a rating of 7 out of 10

Vanilla Pudding Topping

I had NO IDEA how this one was going to work, but it ended up being really tastey and good looking. It's essentially vanilla pudding folded into whipped cream. It tastes like a light and fluffy pudding, or a very vanilla-y whipping cream. It's a nice cross over. I was really REALLY happy with this, and will probably use this in the future. AS far as presentation, it was easy to work with and piped well and held its shape. As far as taste, it tasted REALLY GOOD and will work well to coat a cake.

This gets a rating of 9 out of 10

TOMORROW! I take on the Heavenly Cream, the 'special' buttercream, and the Snow Peak Frosting.

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